Shamanic Medicine Ways: An Introduction

Third Saturdays, 1-2:30 PM

Suggested donation of $10-$20.

This course will introduce participants to the practice of self- shamanism. We will explore what it means to follow a shamanic path of spirituality, to walk in balance between Earth and Sky, affirming life, love, truth and harmony. We will practice methods of self awareness through drumming, journeying and befriending our spirit guides. These methods help us in nourishing the light body, the energy body, as well as examining if we are walking in right relationship in the world.

A shaman is a luminous warrior who has no need for enemies in this world or the next. What does that mean in these modern times?

Shamanic practice is humble, respectful and resourceful. We have gifts of discernment and courage to help us recognize the sacred path and take that step, make the commitment to Spirit, that allows us to walk without armor in the world.

Shamanic spirituality allows us to step beyond fear, even beyond death, into the realm of possibility, not only with dreams and visions, not only by journeying between the worlds, but also with day to day mindfulness of our true relationship with all of creation.

The class is led by Marian Graff. Marian is a graduate and former instructor of the Windemere School of Eastern Healing Arts in Decorah, IA where she also completed the Healing the Light Body program under the tutelage of Alberto Villoldo and faculty of The Four Winds Society. She has practiced shamanic spiritual medicine for 22 years. She has degrees in Physical Therapy from Northern Illinois University and in Agronomy from University of Wisconsin – Platteville.

Classes are held at UMS Church, located at 3212 E 8th St., Long Beach, CA.

Bio On Marian Graff

As a child, what Marian learned about God was love. When she heard even Einstein admitted he didn’t know what held the universe together, she thought to herself, “It’s love.” Marian hopes to facilitate the expansion of love and peace throughout the world. Her path and practice have included training in shamanism, traditional Chinese medicine, and Reiki with the Windemere Institute of Healing Arts in Iowa. She recognizes and supports each individual on their own path, with their own intuitive abilities, autonomy, and power. She believes divination through tarot, oracle cards, dreams, and journeys can reveal potential choices, influences, and obstacles for the seeker. A reading, then, is a hunt for knowledge from within the seeker that informs the present and empowers future choices toward the seeker’s highest good.

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