banner-blogWhat is Universal Mind Science Church:

   Universal Mind Science Church is a non-denominational Church. It is open to all people, irrespective of faith, creed, or lifestyle. By reading the beams in our chapel, one begins to understand the variety of beliefs we respect:
“Love ye one another.” (Christian)
“True religion is to love all things, great or small.” (Hindu)
“In all the world, there is no such thing as a stranger.” (Islam)
“Be always slow to promise, and prompt to fulfill” and “The excellence of friendship is measured by love.” (Buddhist)
“Many words cannot quench love, nor floods drown it” and “Think good thoughts, say good words, do good deeds.” (Jewish)
“Hatred is diminished by love – this is the eternal law” and “Treat all creatures as you would like to be treated.” (Confucian)
It is our belief that our Church is unique. We don’t try to convert anyone, and we welcome everyone. Using the sacred texts and rituals from other belief systems and theologies, our only wish is to help you expand your consciousness, bringing you an awareness of the eternal and universal truth behind all great religions.

Who We Are:

Metaphysics teaches us to be open minded, combining religion and science providing us with the insight to the question, “Why do we exist”?
We gain knowledge and enlightenment through positive teaching derived from the philosophies of all the greatest spiritual teachers.
We are a non-denominational organization that follows the universal laws of life which emphasize the freedom of personal responsibility.
We believe that life is eternal and this gives our lives meaning.
We practice tolerance and love towards all of God’s creations.
We find healing of body, mind, and soul in these practices.
Our Church doors are open to all who seek.

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292957_10150736194866252_1259442109_nThe Universal Cross:

It should be clearly understood that this is written in Judeo-Christian terms and that all the aspects given apply to universal truths and principles which are to be recognized in other religious systems under different titles.
The symbolism of the Universal Cross embraces all of life, especially the nature of Man and God, and the process a soul goes through while seeking reunion with its God-source.

The central point represents “the light that shines in the darkness”. It is the “I AM” of men’s soul. Its eternal message conveys to you that “You are because God is”. It is also known as the Universal Emblem of Spiritual Enlightenment because man cannot really know and feel the fullness of this truth until he has been enlightened by the spirit.

The triform at the top depicts the three primary factors of LIFE: God, Earth, and Man. We conceive of God as being Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, which, in Hinduism, is known as the Paranatma, Atma, and Buddha. The earth has height, breadth, and width. It is also solid, liquid, and gas. Man is a Trinity of Body, Mind, and Soul.
The triform is also the sacred Lotus Flower (Christ Consciousness), open before the source of life (Sun), resting on its four leaves (lower nature subdued). The stem (subconscious) joins the flower to the roots (body consciousness), engrossed in the muck (earth). It passes through water (three aspects of Spirit), symbolizing cleansing (baptism of the soul), so the roots may receive their share of the light (glory), from the flower. It is no wonder that the lotus plant is known as the symbol of New Birth.

483820_10151527648096252_1305257244_nAn open eye is symbolic of Wisdom, or Spiritual Enlightenment, or Light. Jesus referred to the mystical eye of the Soul when He described how man is raised to a new level of consciousness where the Soul may behold its Divine Nature. To paraphrase: when the ‘inner eye’ is opened or Single, the whole body and Soul may be filled with Light. With the Light comes power: Divine Power sufficient to change a life and create a New Man, and this is what children of the New Age seek, and what “I AM” encourages.

Within the circle is a “star” composed of two equilateral triangles depicting “God in Man”, and “Man in God”. One Triangle represents the Trinity of Man pointing upwards, and the other, representing the Triune Godhead, pointing downward, denoting the pure Love poured out upon Man in response to the longing of the Soul. These Triangles are interlaced to represent Oneness.
At the dynamic center of this ideogram, is an imaginary point, which is not shown in keeping with the lovely tradition of not depicting The Holy One. Around this center are six points representing different forms of consciousness, or sense. The six points plus the imaginary point represent our seven Spiritual Centers, or Chakras. 1) Taste, 2) Smell, 3) Touch, 4) Hearing, 5) Sight, 6) Psychic, and 7) Christ Consciousness. These regulate and coordinate all aspects of Man.

The two-edge sword stands for Karma. “As you sow, you reap,” is the enforcing principle in the Universe that makes every effect match its cause. It cuts both ways: “When I cut you, I cut myself.” Perfect Law (God’s Love) permits no injustices.

The empty, outstretched arms represent Man in involution. The “I AM” represents Man in evolution (arms and head touching God).
The upper arms and circle represents the Source reaching to Man. The lower arms and circle represents Man reaching to the Source. The Star of David in the center is formed by the Trinity of God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) joining the Trinity of man (Body, Mind, Soul). The Star of David (House of Christ’s birth) is formed as the Trinities are integrated together.

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561426_10150700685761252_410486764_nThe UMS Altar:

The altar, which is hand-carved, was built by members of our church in accordance with specifications set for the in the Bible. The marble inlay is centered beneath the tabernacle, is etched at each corner with Maltese crosses.
The tabernacle represents the heart, or love, of all things and beings. This creates the spiraling vortex of energy. Names and healing prayers may be placed within the tabernacle whenever the need arises.
The candles placed upon the altar symbolize the chakras. There are three candles below the heart (symbolized by the tabernacle), and three candles above the heart. These candles are placed so as to create the infinity symbol, which reminds us, “As above, so below”. They represent the male and female, the yin and yang.
543956_10150700687056252_1880336590_nThe statue of Jesus, the Christ, is to remind us to “Keep holy what is in our hearts”. We see Christ with one hand on His heart and the other reaching out to humanity.
The crystal represents the New Age Talisman, and the energy source for our church. Crystals come from the earth, and are a solid foundation for the energy they attract.

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