1000885_10151672565996252_2116740128_nDamien Simpson

Dr. Damien Simpson founded the Universal Mind Science Church on August 22nd, 1968. It was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to be a part of the ministry.
Damien was born in Pennsylvania, entered the seminary to prepare for priesthood, studied four branches of theology, and spend several years in a semi-cloistered monastery where he observed the disciplines of the monastic order, including a vow of silence.
Damien has researched parapsychology for over thirty years. He received much of his scientific understanding through his friendship with Professor William E. Tiller, who headed the Material Science Department at Stanford University. Through this mutual friendship, Professor Tiller was able to gain insight into psychic levels through Damien’s experiences.
Damien has appeared on television and radio. In 1983, he was awarded the Parapsychology Hall of Fame Pioneer ANIM Award. In 1993, he was awarded a Doctorate Degree for his work in metaphysics and the paranormal. He has lectured under Dr. Tiller at seminars held at Stanford University, the University of California, and abroad in England, Switzerland, and Puerto Rico. He has been a guest speaker at Presbyterian and Methodist churches, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, First Church of Religious Science and Psynetics.
Damien is the executive producer and host of the successful television shows: “PSYCIC PHENOMENA – THE WORLD BEYOND” and “QUEST FOUR – THE NEW AGE”. He also produced and hosted “QUEST FOUR – THE FOURTH DIMENSION” for radio.
As the host of these weekly shows, he has been able to gather information from some of the greatest minds. Damien has spoken at length with Buckminster Fuller, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Thelma Moss, Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, Dr. Charles Tart, and many other scientists and researchers.
He has shared information with Dr. Fletcher Harding, Dr. Irene Kassorla, Brugh Joy, Andre DePassano, Dan Millman, George Allen, Lynn Andrews, Dr. Richard Carlson, Dr. Tom Rusk, Ray Bradbury, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky, and Diane Cirincione.
His shows have been brightened with celebrities including Linda Day George, Richard Hatch, Connie Stevens, Dirk Bendict, Susan Strassberg, Dennis Weaver, Paul Winchell, Desi Arnaz, Jr., Adrienne Barbeaux, and Stepfanie Kramer.
Damien has amassed a wealth of knowledge from the thousands of interviews that he has hosted, information that he continues to share. Through these interviews, Damien has emerged as a teacher and leader of great magnitude. Using science and psychology, he intertwines them with philosophy and theology to help millions of people, from his television audience to his church congregation, reach their fullest potential.


258795_1752046485163_3965502_oRev. Jess Keeler

Jess Keeler was ordained by Universal Mind Science Church in 1981, and received his Doctorate in 1992. Jess has been with UMS for over 14 years now and is the Assistant Minister, taking the pulpit when Damien is away. He teaches an Intermediate Metaphysics Class, and was voted the UMS 1991 Man of the Year. Jess received his basic training and ordination from the The Church of Tzaddi, and completed his schooling dor Doctorate in Tzaddi before joining UMS. He is a licensed Hypnotherapist, and an understanding counselor. Jess oversees the Healing Chair, supervises the ushers, and handles various activities within the church.