What is Metaphysics

Discussion Outline


  • A branch of philosophy
  • It examines the fundamental nature of reality including the relationship between:
    • Mind and matter (mental and the physical)
    • Substance and attribute (Physical makeup and quality/feature)
    • Potentiality and actuality. (Abilities for change and what is)
  • The word “metaphysics” comes from two Greek words that, together, literally mean “after or behind or among [the study of] the natural”.
  • The discipline that studies what is beyond the material.

Views and Practices:

  • Materialist Metaphysician
    • All things can be understood materially without turning to any supernatural forces. (pure logic)
  • Pantheistic Metaphysician (a softer view)
    • There is no real difference between the ideas of “God” and “the world.”
  • A Spiritualistic Metaphysician
    • Focusses on the soul that dwells within you (the supreme self)
    • Aims at shaping the individual self (improve, evolve)
    • Makes a person strong in mind (awake, thinking, reasoning)
    • Aims at building the strength of the soul (to be self-sufficient)
    • Aims at making one ready to combat any situation in life
  • Metaphysicians seek to study and understand what is meant by “free will” as opposed to determinism and if the two can be reconciled. They also seek to provide rational arguments, sometimes drawing from modern science, for or against free will.

Major Religions

  • Involves dogma and rigid beliefs
  • Organizational in structure.
  • Organized and structured by leaders.

Views and Practices:

  • Attempt to offer an explanation of how and why anything at all, and people in particular, exist in the world
  • The world exists because of a God or gods.
  • Rely on either free will or determinism as a foundational point in their ethical systems.
  • Religious theologians, often argue for a personal God or for the theological views presented by their specific religions.
  • Some religions discourage the questioning of religious doctrines and encourage dogmatic rather than critical metaphysics


  • A subsection of philosophy
  • Interested in examining God and the divine.
  • Invites contributions from both metaphysics and religion.
  • Important questions in theology:
    • The existence of God
    • The possibility of knowing God,
    • The role of God in creating and directing the universe.

Sunday Discussion 10/4/2020

Metaphysics is a Philosophy, not a religion.

Fluid, personal, customizable.  Does not adhere to a fixed set of rules.

Think metaphysics is free thought and higher self.

To me there is consciousness and energy through everything and we are all connected to it. 

There is a personal responsibility and personal power that come with this awareness. It is not for everyone.  Helps to develop awareness of, and ability to listen to your own inner voice. Think some people are afraid of that.

Q:  Why do the authorities from organized religion not want you to recognize your personal power?

A: Want to preserve hierarchy and authoritarianism and things to stay the same.

Q: People don’t gravitate to metaphysics because we have this sense.  Why wouldn’t they want this for themselves?

A:  A lot of people raised in dogmatic religion.  That is playing with fire, something not good will happen to me.  Don’t want to mess with any of that.  Fear.

Q:  Where did this fear come from?  Innate within person, or is it taught?

A:  Ignorance is bliss. A lot of responsibility comes with knowledge.  People are afraid of anything that is not part of the physical world.

Religions indoctrinate – taught us that all who weren’t in their religion were going to hell.  Fear of eating of the apple of knowledge.  Hard to get away from this. 

Just imagine, one of the first part of a religious teaching is the fear of knowledge – don’t eat the apple.

Metaphysics goes beyond the physical, and into the mind and the spirit.  Those who are more aware of this beyond, become the scientist for the broad spectrum of religion.  They challenge the tenants of religion.  They help to make more sense of the world through inquiry. They go beyond experiential world.

I don’t want to feed you fish, I want to teach you how to fish.  Many ways to fish.

Meta – searching for spiritual laws. Physical – seeking for universal laws on spiritual level.

Meta – Comprehensive or transcending.

Understanding about causation.  Metaphysics more focuses on causation of mental and spiritual process.  Put as much emphasis on these as well as the physical.

Sunday Discussion continued 10/18/2020

As listed in the beginning of our discussion, a spiritualistic metaphysician focuses on the soul that dwells within you (the supreme self) and aims at shaping the individual self by improving and evolving.   Metaphysics more focuses on causation of mental and spiritual process.  These are the aspects of metaphysics that stand out for me.  My experience of spiritual metaphysics is it teaches us to look within at our spiritual and physical nature.  We then have an opportunity to learn, develop and change as we examine ourselves.  We can heal ourselves and mature emotionally, gain in emotional intelligence.  What has been your experience?

Studying metaphysics, from late teens, used as a filter for everything in life.  To take responsibility for my reality instead of someone else’s.  Everything I experienced that I react to, but why did I create it and when did I create it?  I can’t imagine not having this filter.  I am not responsible for anyone else’s reality.

For me metaphysics means I am using my own higher power, authentic self, evolving over time.  I am checking within to see best choices for myself.  That is my higher power.  I am worthy of the friendship and love from my higher self.  Saying – Do as you will, but harm to none.  Whatever you do there is a cause in motion and return to you three times.  We are creating. 

Noticing in 20’s hadn’t found what I needed.  There must be more.   Performing in clubs is a lot of outer stuff.  Tough lifestyle.  Felt empty, not fulfilling.  Became curious, questioning how things were working for me   Started meeting other people who directed me to go within.  Also looking into healing – alternative healing modalities.  Spiritual being living a human life.

Being a metaphysician is a conscious decision, it is work.  Others don’t realize they can control themselves.

Metaphysics taught me that everyone grows in their own time.  I have no business judging where other are.  They are doing the best they can where they are at the time.  Realizing your parents are just people doing the best they can.  If you can see this with your parents, you can do with everyone.

Metaphysics is learning to understand the great teachings of other religions and incorporate into what you are learning.  Listen and study all different religions.  Learn about your life with all of these.  Don’t be afraid.  Metaphysics will help you understand it and get through life.  We learn from each other.  These times are just part of life’s lessons.

You never know who will be a teacher to you.  You need both a protagonist and an antagonist.  The person who challenges you most could be the greatest teacher you ever had.

Only speak for myself what my spiritual path has done for me.  I had judged someone spiritually and it did come back to me.  All are on the path.  Different situations.

Become more open minded to people of other religions when practices metaphysics.  Metaphysicians are interested in other religions.

It could be a trap to say the way I think is better than another.  Begins to set up dividing lines.  Me and others.  We are all part of the all.

Q:  Is judging yourself more accepting versus judging others?

A:  Mine is the only consciousness I can judge.

Q:  Does self-assessment mean self judgement?

A:  I can assess myself.  I need to remind myself not to judge myself.  I am just as deserving as everyone else of compassion.

Believe judging comes from the ego mind and creates separateness also with ourselves.  Assessment – inventory of self.  See assessment of another is observing.

When look at people who believe differently from you, you may feel that if I listen to them I may find out I am wrong and can feel threatened.

Q:  Mentioned all on own journey, where we are supposed to be.  If no contrast, nothing to compare against.  Do we have responsibility to help point out another way to someone else?  Get someone into another thought process.

A:  Depend on type of relationship have with person.  Being able to discern when it is appropriate time to share.  Can ask them what they need.  But at what point would we be interfering?  How do we know they may not need a certain experience for growth?

Observing an interaction between two people.  Can say how you feel about it.  Own your own feelings.  Can offer these feelings.  But can’t assume what other person wants or needs

You can only open a door.  They are going to walk path.  Let them do it.

Be the light at the end of the tunnel.  Be an example.  Come from your place, not from their place.  No judgement.  Metaphysics is customizable.  Depends on the circumstances.  Based on individual needs.

Believe there is no right or wrong.  When I speak to God, speak to God within me.  To me just a way of living.  Part of my nature.  Our creation – how did we get here?  How does science and creation come together?  How do we come to be as a human being?  Is there an answer? 

Don’t think anyone has the answer. 

All on the same journey.  Some embrace the mystery.  Some research.

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