UMS Founder on “WISDOM”

UMS Founder on “WISDOM”

Sunday, December 9th, we begin a discussion on the topic of Wisdom. If you’d like some food for thought on this subject, below you can read the chapter on Wisdom from Perceptions, a book written by UMS founder Damien Simpson.


“In wisdom, we know all things are energy, not the physical form we behold.”
Wisdom begins when you cease to cherish your own opinion. Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting in a particular way (Aristotle) and habits change into character (Ovid). When you no longer base your life or personality on the frowns and smiles of others, Wisdom becomes your constant companion. In wisdom, we wouldn’t worry so much about what other people think of us, if we knew how little they actually do.
What a man stands for isn’t everything; what he falls for counts too.
A wise man has something to say, a fool has to say something.
We have a lifetime of experiences that we think have made us wise, and often we have nothing but accumulated knowledge and no wisdom as to why the same thing keeps happening to us. It continues happening to all our relationships because we didn’t learn. We said “I’ll never love like that again. No more joint checking account. No more me doing it all.”
What happens is we wind up punishing the next person for what the last person did and we think we are being wise in the process. Often we have the wrong audience.
We know that we can be so wonderful, kind, loving, and helpful. There just is not anyone worth us. When I find someone worth me, I’ll be all those great things. Some think that is wisdom. Be all you can be. Know that energy is transferable. Good will always find you if you are good, and don’t camouflage yourself with anger.
Good is its own reward.
In wisdom, we know all things are energy, not the physical form we behold.
The body is pure energy. Thoughts are energy. Thoughts are things.
Let’s say you lend someone a thousand dollars. You feel great; you feel good in helping a friend. You experience your loving nature in an act of caring. In a short time you know the friend was using you, fooling you. Now, that hurts you. This simple hurt often causes “heaping.” You start to think of all the hurts from people you tried to help. Heaping it all together really gets your emotions down and then comes the statement “I’ll never help anyone again.” We are now wise. Wise to people, but, I’m afraid, ignorant to self.
Nothing of itself can hurt you. We go back and heap. They forgot my birthday, they didn’t remember me at Christmas, etc., etc., etc. Heaping. After a sufficient amount of heaping you can find the tears of remorse, but again, nothing of itself can hurt you. Keep this wisdom.
Let’s return the mountain back to the mole-hill it really is. If you gave in love, or out of caring, then heap it that way. Remember, there is no such thing as wasted energy. Again; all energy is transferable. USE WISDOM. Do not let the person you helped change you from a person of love to a person of hate, anger or remorse.
Stay with the origin of the loving, helpful person. What they put out comes back to them. What you put out comes back to you. Don’t let them change you. If you become angered, vindictive, now look what you’re putting out; possibly a negative energy: greater than the offender. Be wise, hold your original place. Be in peace and your good will return its hundred fold. I guess you can call this “turning the other cheek.”
Hurt has wisdom. There are things I’ve done that hurt me to think about, That hurt is the assurance I’ll never hurt anyone again. I would rather be hurt than to hurt!
Suffering is useless, made up of bitterness, resentment and anger destructive forces to self and wisdom of the soul. I may hurt but I don’t suffer.
Lone tears may even be called the Holy Water of the soul. These tears moisten the dry clay of self and allow you, the potter, to remold, rebirth your soul.
UMS Founder Damien Simpson

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