Tomorrow, February 3rd, we begin a discussion on the topic of Prosperity. Below you can read the chapter on Prosperity from Perceptions, a book written by UMS founder Damien Simpson.


“We all have as much as we inwardly want to be responsible for.”

We are not made rich by what is in our pockets, but by what is in our heart. Prosperity begins with an understanding of abundance. We don’t have to get by taking away from another. In Genesis creation—God created abundance before any need. He created the fields—grain in great supply before He created the cattle that would have need of it.

We all have as much as we inwardly want to be responsible for. You might think you would like a big house, lawn, pool, until you have all the repairs, cleaning, gardening, etc., etc. Your inner self likes the simple life for it gives you time for the riches in sharing time and nature with each other.

As we get older, we sell our big homes; make things simpler so they will be better; or we live, lonely or fearful in them.

To be prosperous you might, as stated earlier, change your definition of success. Try to think for a short while what it means to be rich in spirit. Is the American Indian, somewhere in spirit, unhappy because he didn’t have an electric shaver, hair dryer, dishwasher, let alone china dishes, house or car? I bet from his higher viewpoint, you couldn’t give them to him.

All the classes taught on prosperity only make the teacher richer, as the students pay once again for what was told to them for free before. God supplies all our needs. “Behold the lilies of the field, they toil and spin not, yet Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these. Behold the birds of the air, how the Father feeds them.” If you don’t have what you need, I bet there is a good reason for it.

When I was a small child, a member of the family passed away. There was great sadness, but you could sense the joy that there was a twenty thousand dollar insurance policy. I remember thinking, “Gosh, I’ll never have twenty thousand dollars, that’s a lot of money.”

Now, we’re talking here forty years ago. Today, twenty thousand is nothing. It’s two hundred thousand that’s something some of you can say. “Gee, I’ll never have that much money.” My mind script says I’ll never have twenty thousand dollars and I live in a two hundred thousand dollar world.

Your mind script says you’ll never have two hundred thousand in a soon-to-be four hundred thousand dollar world.

I’ll never be rich. I can’t afford the price of a new car, new house, etc.

When we pay our bills, “This takes all my money, I’ll never get ahead.”—mind script.


The sub-conscious has one job and that is to make you right:

I’m stupid

I’m clumsy

I’m ugly

I’m poor

The sub-conscious will point out all it sees to make you right, but all it sees is that which it takes to make you right, nothing else.

The subconscious has no sense of humor. If you say, “I’m stupid,” it points out every stupid thing you do, to prove you right. That helps you stay stupid for it’s proven you are stupid, and this judgment could have nothing to do with the truth, like so many other judgments. You judged your self worth. As you judge, so is the judgment.

Good can come from anywhere at any time. Doubt your doubts for a change. It seems we have unlimited faith in our doubts and doubts about our unlimited faith.

Go on—doubt your doubts.

If you’re ever tired of thinking about things, it’s because you’ve only thought of it one way, the same old way every time.

Something can go wrong anytime. Okay, now how about thinking — Something can go right anytime.

Something wonderful could happen any minute, I have not yet met the person most important in my life. There are days yet to be lived, and anything can go right anytime now. Now let your sub-conscious make you right.

When you write out your bills the next time, say “Thank God I’m rich!” Set yourself a new MIND SCRIPT.

Remember, everything is energy. Put out good energy and let good things return to you.

A rich man, about to die, wanted to take his money with him. He went to the Catholic Priest and gave him 5 million dollars and extracted from the priest a promise to put this 5 million in his coffin before burial. He did the same thing with a Rabbi, an Evangelist and a Metaphysician.

The rich man died. At his burial, the Catholic Priest, Rabbi, Evangelist and Metaphysician were gathered together.

The Catholic Priest spoke first, saying, “I can’t stand it. I must confess what I did. The church needed a roof, the convent needed a heater, and we had to build a new school. I just couldn’t see wasting the money. I confess, I spent it. God forgive me.” The Rabbi and the Evangelist then also confessed to the same.

The Metaphysician looked scornfully at the other three and with righteous voice said, “Shame on you three. I put a check in for the full amount. . .”

You got the picture, didn’t you? Which one of them finds your favor? You can’t fake goodness, or that which comes back will be fake and just as phony. It takes more than tokenism. It takes an attitude of doing good when and where you can.

Many times I’ve reached a point where I couldn’t finish a project, as an example, a building I was remodeling for group meetings and headquarters. I finished all that I could do with the help of good friends.

We stood and looked with pride at the job we had done.

One thing, the ceilings, were a mess and none of us knew how to plaster ceilings. We had no more money and didn’t know quite what to do. Just then a man came to the door of the building and asked what we were doing. He said the energy just drew him in to see what was going on. It turned out that he sprayed acoustical ceilings. The next day, he returned and redid all the ceilings in our building FREE.

Another building we worked on was finished except for the bathrooms. We needed two sinks and two toilets.

Again, a man pulled up in his truck, wanted to know what we were doing, and, once again, it seems the energy just drew him in. He just happened to be a plumber with two sinks and two toilets on his truck, and was happy to give them to us. We had never seen these men before, and have not seen them since.

I believe that when you are doing good, and no one you know, neither friends nor family can help. They see only what they can’t do; their belief system gives up—Then get ready to meet a stranger.

Goodness and mercy shall follow me, all the days of my life: because I put it there!

A miracle is something that happens right outside your belief system.

Expect a miracle.

Prosperity is not a technique, it is an attitude.

UMS founder Damien Sinpson

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