UMS Founder on “GOD”

UMS Founder on “GOD”

Tomorrow, February 17th, we begin a discussion on the topic of God. Below you can read the chapter on God from Perceptions, a book written by UMS founder Damien Simpson.


“Remember, God is in the blessing business, not the punishment business.”

Whatever you love most; sports, pleasure, business or God, that is your God.

God does not require a man to have one talent, three talents nor five talents. He only requires that a man be faithful with whatever he has. Remember, God is in the blessing business, not the punishment business.

It is all that is good surrounding you. It is the Source from which we came. Feeling separate from this Source is the root of all fear. To perceive God from the 21st Century is a must, not a sin. To be courteous to all, to help others, to hurt no one in thought, word, or deed, this is the constant duty of the godly.

If you have ever seen a seed sprout, from the cold, dark, sometimes wet earth, a tiny, tiny green leaf, then the sun touches and blesses its effort. Now it receives a source of help and light, beyond itself and greater than itself. Now this tender plant will grow strong and reach its fruition. So it is with each of us as we receive the light of God. Now we bless the Source from which we’ve come!

The seed is nature’s first microchip. It contains the pattern of all it shall be; yet it willingly dies, even in its state of perfection, to become seedling to flower, dies to be fruit, fruit dies to become or nourish the new seed.

God is my only Lover, all else is added. All that died goes into what is. All that is, is God. God is all.

UMS Founder Damien Simpson

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