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I am a Visual Artist, Muralist and Certified Reiki Master & Practitioner based in Long Beach, CA. Reiki is a method of holistic healing using physical or remote touch to promote relaxation and boost immunity. The techniques involve key hand gestures combined with placement on corresponding areas of the body to activate deeper levels of visceral meditation. Your private Reiki Energy Healing session begins by briefly discussing your healing needs and I will customize the reiki techniques utilized to best suit your unique journey. These techniques follow traditional Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and Shamanic Healing methods. It’s been an absolute adventure and honor to learn, teach and practice the Art of Energy Healing. This all began when I started using Self-Reiki in combination with Yoga, and had profound results with physical fitness, health, mental & spiritual wellbeing, creativity, and productivity. It has changed my life, and I am passionate about sharing this unique practice with my community.

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Shari began seeking her “higher self” around 30 years ago as a way to self-heal. She was introduced to Rune stones, which led to her hearing her inner voice giving her guidance. From there, she was initiated into Reiki where her intuitive channels further opened. Curious about what this all meant, she went on to study at the Metaphysical Fellowship Church in Anaheim, where she earned a Doctor of Metaphysics degree. She later studied and became a licensed Science of Mind Practitioner at Agape Spiritual Center in Culver City. She currently uses her intuition, along with Tarot and Oracle cards, to help people gain insight, clarity, and possible solutions to their challenges. She is devoted to empowering others to develop their own intuitive channels for the purpose of growth, self-healing, and even to the blissful state of awakening to Oneness.


Sumako is a third-generation Metaphysician, Intuitive, Occultist, and Astrologer who has been helping many with his spiritual skills for more than 35 years. Sumako’s proprietary Astrology Graph System (AGS) was designed to make astrology more accessible and simplified for people who don’t have the bandwidth to learn the complex, detailed minutiae and symbols of an astrological chart. Sumako’s AGS teaches self-mastery for attracting peace, love and success in life. Most of Sumako’s clients learn to use his signature AGS as a tool for their own self-reflection and guidance. His system helps clients to make more informed decisions, understand life’s purpose, attract and build more lasting and loving relationships, map out career and financial opportunities, understand health, and “turn on” awareness for a lasting impact in helping to navigate a more successful future. Outside of his metaphysical practice, Sumako currently performs with the improvisational electronic duo, Toaster Music. He is also a visual artist, and curates the Art MASSIVE art events in and around Long Beach.


As a child, what Marian learned about God was love. When she heard even Einstein admitted he didn’t know what held the universe together, she thought to herself, “It’s love.” Marian hopes to facilitate the expansion of love and peace throughout the world. Her path and practice have included training in shamanism, traditional Chinese medicine, and Reiki with the Windemere Institute of Healing Arts in Iowa. She recognizes and supports each individual on their own path, with their own intuitive abilities, autonomy, and power. She believes divination through tarot, oracle cards, dreams, and journeys can reveal potential choices, influences, and obstacles for the seeker. A reading, then, is a hunt for knowledge from within the seeker that informs the present and empowers future choices toward the seeker’s highest good.


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