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1513662_10205717262751160_8203883308262553195_nLara has been a member of the UMS family since 1971.  She received much of her metaphysical training from Damien Simpson, the founder of UMS.  She has also explored the world outside of UMS in many and varied ways due to her deep curiosity of people, cultures, and existential matters.  Lara brings all her experiences together when facilitating Sunday “conversations”.   She trained as a facilitator during the course of her 10 year employment at UC Davis and believes strongly that we can learn and grow only as long as we can question.  She recalls that Damien often taught by sharing his own struggles and questions in and of life, which allowed deeper understanding of our own experiences.  “If we can do that in the course of our conversations, imagine how much personal growth we can each experience.  It becomes the evidence that none of us is alone.”

Lara is delighted that you are interested in UMS and looks forward to your participation in our Sunday discussions.

1385416_10151933223603637_594064664_nI was introduced to Metaphysics by UMS, and have been practicing this way of life for over 25 years. My early studies of Metaphysics was under the founder and Pastor of UMS, Rev. Damien Simson. My continued studies were under the Rev, and Pastor Dr. Jess Keeler. I was president of the UMS Men’s group for six years, and I am the current President of the UMS Executive Committee.

With its practical and common sense approach to spirituality, UMS provided me with the inspiration, enlightenment and support I needed to grow spiritually, and become the best person that I could be. UMS and its members have become my family of choice. I am fortunate to have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom through UMS. This I would like to pay forward; and this is why it gives me great pleasure to be of service to UMS.