Shari Ann Lamb

Shari began seeking her “higher self” around 30 years ago as a way to self-heal. She was introduced to Rune stones, which led to her hearing her inner voice giving her guidance. From there, she was initiated into Reiki where her intuitive channels further opened. Curious about what this all meant, she went on to study at the Metaphysical Fellowship Church in Anaheim, where she earned a Doctor of Metaphysics degree. She later studied and became a licensed Science of Mind Practitioner at Agape Spiritual Center in Culver City. She currently uses her intuition, along with Tarot and Oracle cards, to help people gain insight, clarity, and possible solutions to their challenges. She is devoted to empowering others to develop their own intuitive channels for the purpose of growth, self-healing, and even to the blissful state of awakening to Oneness.


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