Psychic & Healing Arts Fair

imagesThe Universal Mind Science Church Psychic Fair has been a tradition in the Long Beach area  for over 35 years. Our Readers and Healers offer; Medium-ship, Tarot Cards, Clairvoyance, and more. Our Readers and Healers are of the highest quality. They have years of training and experience. Working with our organization they have established a environment of love and healing with our attendees as well a wide range of life long friendships. Our Psychic Fair is held January through October on the fourth (4th) Saturday of every month and in November on the third (3rd) Saturday. December is Dark.

Doors open at 9:30 AM for appointment scheduling. Appointments are 10:00 a.m.
to 2:00 p.m.  A reading session is 20 minutes in length and cost $20.00 for each

  • Wayne Reineke

    Angel/Oracle Cards: Oracle cards are different from tarot because they are fluid systems of gaining information as opposed to the more rigid Tarot. Most Oracle Decks are created with a specific intention.

  • Sumako

    Astrologer: Astrology charts done through Sumako's Astrology Force System helps enthusiasts understand and even use their charts as tools for self reflection, acceptance and growth..

  • Ray Lucent

    Psychic Medium & Psychic Tarot Card Reader: Since the age of four, Ray has been connecting with Spirit and comes from a long line of ancestral Intuitive and Healers. He has always had a strong desire to further develop these abilities but did not realize this dream until 2011 when the Universe presented him with the highest and best teacher.

  • Lani Montag

    Medium: Someone that speaks with those who have passed over. To gather insight and knowledge about your future path.

  • Courtney Cose

    Healing: Courtney is an empathic healer who leads with her heart. She was guided to do light body healing and healings with Angels....

  • Bruce Towe

    Tarot Reader: Uses the ancient cards to answer your questions and gain insight into what has not been written for you yet.