Sumako’s astrology system brings together Chakra Energy and Hellenistic Astrology. It is Sumako’s belief that the five classical planets, the Sun and Moon represent the seven primary Chakra energy wheels in the human body. Their position in one’s natal chart determines how each energy wheel spins, and how different circumstances affect the flow of energy in one’s body. Everyone’s energy flow is different and unique like a fingerprint. Energy based astrology is a way to determine which chakras in your body need the most balancing and care. This can help in making informed decisions, having better relationships, and over all having a better well-being. Sumako’s charts are advanced tools for self-reflection, acceptance and growth.

It’s best to book two sessions with Sumako. One for your initial chart reading and second for a Planetary Chakra Energy Healing through a special guided meditation, based off of your chart reading.

Sumako is a third generation metaphysician and occultist. He has taught Astrology at the Learning Light Foundation, and Cerritos College. Sumako is also a certified Chakra Energy healer. Reach Sumako through his website at or by email at