Lani Montag

Dr. Elaine Montag ” Lani” is a Medium who brings personal, detailed, messages from loved ones who have crossed. She often provides physical, mental, and emotional descriptions of loved ones, objects they may have worn, owned or given to their friends or family. She also shares personal messages of hope and inspiration from loved ones in spirit to increase peace, clarity and serenity.

Lani has studied for 3 years with Debra Hookey and 1 year with Lori Camacho of Awakenings Bookstore to further her psychic and mediumship skills. She will always be attending classes to expand her skills.
She is also a multidimensional healer. She works on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes including present and past life healing. She helps people release unwanted thoughts, emotions, habits, physical symptoms, ancestral bonds, grief, depression and anxiety.

Lani is an Intuitive Empath, Psychic, Medium, and Certified Spiritual Counselor. She has a doctorate in psychology and maintains a private practice in Orange County. She uses Shamanic Healing in addition to her spiritual gifts in order to provide a life of service to others. She devotes her life to giving love, compassion and wisdom to those who meet with her without judgement.