Kajora Lovely

Tarot – Medium: Kajora Lovely is a native to Long Beach, California and grew up following a faith based in India. She began traveling around the world, including to India, at a very young age, and learned about various faiths and major religions. Throughout her life, she incorporated these lessons and studied a wide range of subjects.

Kajora Lovely is self-taught in the history, symbolism and meaning of the tarot. In her practice, Kajora Lovely incorporates her intuitive, clairaudient, and mediumship abilities, as well as her life experience and knowledge.

In her readings, she connects to each individual’s spirit team: their spirit guides, ancestors, higher self, higher power, and any other spirits each individual works with to find out what messages each person needs to hear for their highest good.

Kajora Lovely believes in helping individuals on their own unique journey. She believes we each have our own innate gifts and abilities, and her goal is to help people on their path, whether it means providing insight, simply listening, or helping find clarification. Her goal is to help each person step into their own power.




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